What is CAPA?

The Children’s Art Preservation Association (CAPA) exists to serve both our young artists and our community. Local educators and citizens who believed that children deserve recognition and encouragement for their creative work in the visual arts founded CAPA in the fall of 1993. To provide this recognition and to support the visual arts, CAPA as a not–for-profit organization, devotes its resources to preserving and displaying the art of Children in the Morrison Community, sponsors activities that promote and encourage participation in the visual arts, supports the work of local artists and partners with local schools to create programs/curriculum that expand instruction and appreciation of the visual arts in our schools.

About CAPA's Goals

CAPA exists to serve both our young artists and our community. By exhibiting their work and offering opportunities to participate in the process we hope to reward our children for their effort, instill in them an appreciation for the expressive variety of the visual arts and illustrate the role the visual arts play in our lives. Practically every consumer product, every package, every CD and its case, every book, every brochure, and every “anything” has been graced by the artist’s touch. Art appears in our museums, but also parks in our garages, and sits on our countertops and coffee tables.

By making art available to the community we believe we are providing the feedback needed to complete the artistic process. Art needs to be looked at, pondered and appreciated and the feedback is all the more immediate and gratifying when provided by those you know. CAPA values the work of children and their accomplishments and heralds that value to the community and others.

All of CAPA’s goals, events and programs are designed to provide appreciation and encouragement to our children, add new artistic dimension and enrich the life of the community.

CAPA Board Members

Barb Bees - President
Carol Woith
Sarah Thorndike
Ned J. Nesti Jr.
Jane-Ann Ardapple
Paul Beck
Gail Smith
Stuart Roddy

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